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It's rare these days when a company, especially internet companies, provide really outstanding customer support. The kind of support that customers are simply surprised at and down right excited about. Here's at eNews Builder we've always made our customers the number one priority. Whether through our unsurpassed support where you'll get fast response to your email questions or a friendly and helpful client account manager by phone. We are all ways ready to help and find the answer to your questions or problems. It's the kind of support you just don't see anymore.

Many of our support personnel have even received gifts from our clients to express their gratitude. When was the last time you had service so good you went through the trouble to purchase a gift and send it to that person? Or even to write a letter commending someone at a service you use?

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We pride ourselves with being the most responsive, reliable and knowledgeable email service provider on the planet. We serve clients in 20 different countries with the same unsurpassed support. Let us show you what real support and customer service is all about.

Although there are many email service providers to choose from, we believe our system is the best when it comes to Ease-of-Use. We've created a system that anyone with basic computer skills can master in a very short time. We offer one-on-one training through our phone/web tutorials and webinars. We'll walk you through every step of creating your email newsletter, testing, uploading and managing your lists and sending your email. We then will review your reports so you understand them. We can be as technical or non-technical as you need.

Since we have clients that run the gambit from Fortune 500 companies, Non-Profits, and small to mid-sized companies, as well as government agencies and educators, we have the experience to help you succeed.

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