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This User Guide describes the key components of this e-marketing platform and how they can be used to address particular tasks. Like the software, this guide is not yet a completed work. Both are evolving every day as we work to create a comprehensive platform for building e-newsletter and e-marketing programs. For information on the new User Interface (UI) use this link.

The eNews Builder Knowledge Base area can be used to help answer common questions and obtain specific advice. You can browse our database of articles by clicking through the Topic areas shown below, or you can search for specific information by entering one or more keywords.

Our live support is available M-F 9am to 6pm CST. Please try looking at the User Guide and Knowledge Base before calling support. If you have a Basic or Standard account you are eligible for email support only (support@enewsbuilder.com). Pro,Pro Plus, Platinum, Dynamic and Campaigner Accounts include phone support and unlimited email support. Additional after hours support is available for a fee.

eNews Builder Rules and Regulations
The following standards and expectations must be met during the term you are a subscriber to the eNews Builder service. [Click Here]

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