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Here you will find system messages when regular system maintenance will be performed or system upgrades that will require any interruption in service. All maintenance is done during off-hours or weekends when usage is at it's lowest. We will also post holiday office closings here.

Services Notice

We apologize for the inconvenience we no longer offer client login services. Our services are no longer self-serve. We exclusively provide all the same services on a professional services basis. You provide the content and we provide the input and design with your approval.

We have changed our approach; email marketing content creation and delivery has become very complex and requires a working knowledge of browser and email client idiosyncrasies that is always changing and evolving. Additionally, focus on email addresses and ongoing spam issues should always be a priority and now can not be ignored. Historically, clients defered this list management task. Our professional services team responds to all spam complaints and cleans your list regularly.

The cost for these professional services while more than self-serve are reasonable over the medium term. Even with the never ending and changing technology landscape, consistent well formed HTML emails and now mobile compliant ones as well are the goal. CDT)

Please contact Support with any questions or concerns.

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