How to choose an eNewsletter Provider

Does Your Newsletter Stand Out in a Crowd?
Since email newsletters have become a more common method of reaching out to customers and clients, the quantity of newsletters filling the email boxes of your own customers is starting to increase. This makes the quality of the newsletter you deliver even more important than ever before.

Make your newsletter stand out above the crowd, make it valuable, engaging and focused on your customer's interests so that they look forward to reading it each month. Your newsletter service provider should be your partner in this endeavor. Think about all the things you do to make and distribute a newsletter and then ask your provider how they can help to make those tasks easier to do.

Deliverability is King
Getting your email marketing message delivered to the inbox should of highest priority. If you have great content, but it ends up blocked or in the bulk folder, then you wasted your time. Now some emails no matter what you do will be blocked or sent to a spam folder, email is not a perfect world. Must that should be a small percentage, 1% or less. Your provider should be White-Listed with all the major ISP like; AOL, Yahoo, SBC, Hotmail, etc. They should have a deliverability team to track down issues and find delivery problems and correct them. They should respond to spam complaints in a timely and professional manner. They should not allow their clients to purchase email lists and send them through their system.

A Good Newsletter has Great Content!
At the core, a newsletter must deliver well-written and informative information in a concise format. This is how your subscribers will rate your newsletter and it will determine if they will read it again the next time. Because the creation of good material is the hardest part of the process, make sure you understand what your clients want, what will be of value or interest for them Then test, test, and test again. See which articles were read the most, which links were clicked the most, learn from your clients and follow their lead.

Personalize and Focus Your Efforts
The success of your newsletter in the long term will be determined by its ability to retain existing customers and convert prospects into new customers. To do this effectively, you should seek to address your subscribers personally and provide content that matches closely to their interests. A personal greeting (e.g., Dear Bob) grabs their attention and timely, well-written articles keeps it.

A Checklist for Choosing The Best Solution
There are many elements to running a successful newsletter program. When evaluating providers it is useful to compare them based on the features they offer and how well they integrate these features together to address the full life cycle of newsletter publishing. Use the checklist below as a starting point for your evaluation.

Feature eNews Builder Other Providers
Quality Client List YES ???
Dynamic Content YES ???
Content Manager YES ???
Subscription Management YES ???
Online List Management YES ???
Bounce Management YES ???
Opt-out Protection YES ???
Accepts Flash, Video & Audio Content YES ???
Creates RSS Feed YES ???
Custom Graphic Layout YES ???
Style Sheet Editor YES ???
Companion Web Site YES ???
Custom Domains YES ???
Issue Archive YES ???
Polls/Surveys YES ???
Letters to the Editor YES ???
Printer-Friendly Version of Articles YES ???
Reader Tracking Report YES ???
Popular Articles Report YES ???
Survey/Poll Tracking YES ???
Download Reports in Excel Format YES ???
Personalized Messages YES ???
Content Syndication YES ???
Content Library YES ???
Multi-user Collaboration YES ???
Word Doc. Article Conversion YES ???
Managed Services YES ???

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