The SEO Benefits - Email, Web and RSS

3-Ways to Increase Your Email Marketing Message

eNews Builder gives you the added benefit of having an online archive of all your mailings, RSS Feed updated every time you publish and of course, email delivery. With our 3-in-1 SEO Optimization publishing platform you get:

HTML Email Delivery
eNews Builder's email marketing solution is very different that most "blast" email systems. Everytime you publish a new email or newsletter, our system automaticlly creates a micro-site of that issue. We also archive each issue you choose. Your email newsletters are then accessible by the web as well and can indexed by all the search engines to give you even more content for people searching. And since your newsletter is at a different URL (web Address) than your web site, the link are counted as new inbound links to your site. This helps with link popularity with Google and other search engines. Your eNews Builder account can have a custom domain as well. Of course if you wish not to have your content indexed by the search engines, you can change a setting in your account that will block search engines from indexing your content.

Web Based Micro-Site
Publish and distribute in many formats; Full HTML, and/or Plain Text.  With our system you'll get a Micro-Site, an interactive web site for your newsletter and an intelligent auto-sensing HTML email delivery process; import and manage multiple mailing lists.  Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe list management including double opt-in confirmation if you choose. All this in a Can-Spam compliant enviroment.

RSS Feed
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML based file that allows you to distribute your news, in this case your email newsletter content to the every growing group of RSS readers used by people on the internet. They can subscribe to your RSS feed by adding your RSS feed address to their RSS reader. Another bonus is search engines love RSS/XML content type files and will index them just like web pages. There are also RSS feed search engines that support just RSS feeds.

There's no reason to settle for just an Email Blast system, use the eNews Builder system to increase your overall return on your marketing efforts.


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